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Black Metal Mayhem audio installation/performance October 27 2011

electric guitars, amplifiers, cymbal, tennis balls, wood, clown, firebell, UV light, UV sensitive paint, various salvaged materials.
This was created for the Atomic Centre's Grand Opening October 27 2011.

Black Metal, carnival games, noise and a clown mix it up with this chaotic audio installation and performance. Salvaged electric guitars drone and feedback at high volume. The guitars are struck by the tennis balls thrown by game participants(audience). The clown dispenses balls and hawks the game through a distorted speaker system. Money is collected for the Church Burn Fund. Participants are invited to ring the fire alarm. An animated cartoon church vibrates under the various pressures induced upon it. Balls bounce all over. The prize? Glorious chaos and noise! Everyone wins!

painting by Sandee Moore, Arlea Ashcroft, Doug Bell, Mike Wright and myself. Scrapyard guitars and amps by Doug Bell, Darcy Bunio and myself. Technical Assistance: Darcy Bunio and Doug Bell. Special thanks to Tim Harding and Koba Entertainment for the use of the theatrical UV lights. Thanks to the Atomic Center for the space, the party and all the salvaged wood n stuff.

Good photos by Leif Norman. All else by myself.

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