2 ton 2 bit

2 inch Dudar

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2 ton 2 bit and 2 inch Dudar are experiments using absurdist ideas to animate objects in an attempt to break down the current robotic paradigms which society generally believes in that machines are slaves to humans. These machines use a tiny computer, the Basic Stamp microprocessor, with some simple sensors and support electronics to control their movements. These machines are handmade in an unscientific way with most parts salvaged and redirected from their original use from the waste of our current disposable society.

2 inch Dudar is a rusty old bucket animated with a differential drive motor/gearbox/wheel system under microprocessor control. The bucket roams a space with an electric fence in the form of a wire as a boundry. Sensors give feed back to the microprocessor and the software decides what movement to do next.

2 ton 2 bit is a pair of robots made up of a small gearbox/motor/takeup wheel, micro processor, and support electronics mounted on a stick. These robots are installed as a pair suspended from the ceiling on fishing line. They traverse the string from floor to ceiling with sensors informing the microprocessor when the physical limits are reached.


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