pit rowpatchteamenginetestdriveoilleakready Dirty Rats
date: Summer 2012
materials: metal, plastic, pipes, wheels, fun fur, foam rubber, salvaged stuffed toys, bad graphics.

This was a collaboration between myself, Tracy woodward, Ray Peterson and Andrew Milne, the Selkirk Avenue Art Club. It was created for aceart.inc's 2nd annual soap box derby fundraiser, a race of human powered vehicles inspired by traditional soap box derby car races, design and rules. The car was partially inspired by the cartoon drawings of Rat Fink by Ed Roth, our fictional Endridge Corporation as a sponsor, their leaky pipeline problems and our desire to have fun.

The Rat Rod featured a loud noisy hand driven ratchet device, a reservoir of black water with a mechanism to dump it during the races, an ACME Bag of Dirty Tricks, a working brake, rack and pinion steering and a hand made cartoon rat head. Addtional elements included hand made and black soaked thrift store stuffed animals to toss at the audience and other racers, propaganda laced postcards, labels, stickers and back patches.

Race and fill up photo by Ted Grant. There are more of his photos here---> Many Fest .
Trophy winners photo by Michael Gregory.

trophyeyesratchet noise makerblackwaterin the pits
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