Light/Shadow Machine
machine performance

wood, servos, salvaged mobility cart, motor, electronics, RC controller.

Shadow Machine, the performance was created for co.ersaga and performed at the W2 centre in Vancouver September/October 2012.

Designed as a mobile media object this machine was part of larger performance(Shadow Machine) that incorporated contemporary dance, audio, photography, archival materials and video. This performance was a year long collaboration between artists Peter Courtemanche, Carol Sawyer, Alvin Tolintino Ersaga and myself that was inspired and based upon Vancouvers early industrial history and the labour markets evoulution from industrial workers to digital workers. Logging, machine shops, shipping labour, social structures and machines amongst others came into play as themes in the Shadow Machine, a one hour performance created over a year in 2009/2010.

This animated machine was part of a trio of A/V work benches that were designed as visual props and for 3 artists to 'work' at during the performance. My workbench became animated during the performance and under remote control did a series of improvised movements as a sort of ghost machine animated by the spirits of long lost workers. The machine was illuminated by an automobile light system mounted inside the structure of the workbench. A rotating saw blade was included which combined with the structural elements and the movement of the bench being driven around allowed for a diverse moving shadow and light play on the floor, ceiling and interior walls of the venue. A soundtrack was created with mobile audio electronics also part of the machine.