cHEap mEAT dReAMs aND aCORns

not a person, not a company, not a band, not a label but ..... a way of life!

These limited edition audio compact discs are a product of home digitizing, CD burning, production and distribution, there by bypassing the traditional methods of producing audio compact discs for the consumer market by record labels , distributers, and companies.



limited edition hand assembled audio compact disc

Listen to 000(distress)

  000(distress )	23:08
 A collection of distressed audio collected and edited 'as is' in the form of  loops, clicks, noise and drones from crashing computers. 
 These digital audio recordings document the output of sound editing software and hardware at the moment of an internal error and 
 computer system crash. A unique listening experience.

The CD is packaged in a hand made custom metal case. The case is bolted together  with the CD held in place
by a rubber grommet.



limited edition hand assembled audio compact disc

 1.  ________(live) 			39:00
    live radio performance documentation
    A new audio performance using custom editing software which allows 
    the performer to make real time decisions on how audio clips are to be 
    ordered, juxtaposed and mixed while the computer is performing the work.           
  	Improvised performance recorded during the 24 hour web/broadcast at
	Send + Receive: a festival of sound [003], October 18 2000 at Video Pool Winnipeg.
 2. under the influence of ether 	(excerpt)	14:00
    computer controlled audio/radio transmission documentation		
    The body as  beach with millions of radio frequency carrier waves washing
    up on shore carrying the debris of thousands of transmissions.This audio 
    installation considers the body as a beach(receiver) with an ocean of sound(data)
    washing up on it. The software is a wave generator(weather) and the hardware the water(carrier). 

    This radio/audio program is produced by autonomous software running  on the Macintosh computer. 
    Sounds used in the composition of the program are stored on hard disk and on a digital
    audio sampler. An outboard sound processing device is used to process and modify the 
    sound in real time as part of the composition. This installation is transmitted 
    continuously 24 hours a day  for the entire period of the exhibition. 

   Successfully installed at the;

 	-Sync or Stream, live video/audio streaming on the Internet conference, Banff Centre April 1999.
	- Send + Receive: a festival of sound [002], November 1998 Video Pool Winnipeg.
	-Muu Media Arts Festival, Muu Gallery Helsinki Finland October 1996.
	-Electronic Arts Festival, Western Front , Vancouver April 1996 
	-Winnipeg Art Gallery, April/May  1995 .

 3.  ambient  sleep(live)			13:00 							

	Ken Gregory, Shawn Pinchbeck and Steve  Heimbecker
	Concert recording of a live improv performance for a quad 
	sound system recorded live atSend + Receive : a festival of sound [001] 
	November 21 1998, University of Winnipeg Bulman CenterWinnipeg
	Re-mixed and mastered for stereo compact disc
	January 20, 21, 22 2001 at Video Pool Inc. Winnipeg, Canada.

The CD is hand packed in a custom sleeve made from recycled 12" vinyl record sleeves 
cut down to the standard compact disc size. Each sleeve is hand cut, labeled, and wrapped in clear packing tape 
making each package a unique one-of-a-kind collectors item.  



limited edition audio compact disc

  under the influence of ether	 74:00 mono 

ken gregory