digital modification for new prairie soundscapes

date of creation: 2002
format: digital audio
duration: 19:59

digital audio, loop player, amplifier, light box, headphones, dimensions: 11.5" x 8" x 31"

Imagine driving across the Canadian prairies, endless crops, slowly unfolding miles of slowly changing landscape, silent to you as you drive by incased in your quickly moving vehicle. The sounds you do hear being your radio or stereo, wind whistling, road rumble, engine and drive train humming away. If you stop for a smoke , a pee, or for gas, and turn off your vehicle, the prairie soundscape starts to loom around you. Grasshoppers, flys, crickets, mosquitoes and so on all sounding in a symphony of always shifting survival modes. So now imagine 150 or so years of agricultural industrial revolution, modifying the plants, manipulating the soil, juxtapostions of mutated, genetically modified crops and pesticides slowly changing the landscape, bioscience and technologies at work unseen as you breath it all in and look out at the landscape in awe. What if you could hear all those unseen changes working beneath the soil, deep below the roots, beneath the layers of plant fiber, at the center of the the heart and soul of each living organism?

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