acceleration + position = Dream

Divination by Oscillation

live electronic audio performance

Time and space, swinging on a tether, modulated with slow oscillations and placed into our subconscious. The 'Sound Diviner ' spins a slow song of timelessness.

   Performed with The Sphere, a 4" metal bulb attached to a short tether with a pressure
 sensor encased inside. As the Sphere is swung around, the sensor and electronics capture physical
 motion and transfer them  in real time to a  computer with custom software. The software does an
 analysis of the performers gestures and maps the motions to sound performance and sonic
 manipulation software/hardware.

   This work is performed with an electronic interface device (instrument) which operates 
 similar to a Bullroarer. The Bullroarer is an ancient Aboriginal instrument/toy that is built by
 attaching an 8" to 15 " rhombus shaped piece of wood to a long piece of twine or animal sinew. 
When the Bullroarer is swung at arms length around the user's head, an eerie whirring sound 
can be heard. The pitch and amplitude of the sound is dependent on the speed and force of the swing. 

  My intention is to reference the physical action of playing and manipulating sounds with a
 Bullroarer by building a custom motion capture device and composing an audio performance using
 actions captured with this device. My device will be a spherical metal bulb approximately 4" in
 diameter fastened on the end  of a long wire or light chain. Encased inside of the sphere is  a small
 flat Force Sensing Resister with a small weight attached to it. When the sphere is swung around, 
the small weight will, under the influence of centrifugal force press against the FSR. The FSR will
 continuously measure the pressure and transfer that measurement  to the computer running
 custom software which will construct the arrangement of sounds performed. 

Divination by Oscillation

   Divining is an Alchemical art that in its generally known form is concerned more closely with 
the knowledge of hidden things.  Finding of lost things, determining the truth of a matter, location
 of a water source, etc. By looking into someones future, the diviner or medium can assess the
 particular situation and in the form of rituals evoke positive forces which can result in a positive
 change in the situation. An instrument of sorts is usually used to visually  and symbolically assist
 in the focusing of energies towards achieving the goal.  To divine in its truer and deeper  sense is 
to  discover by inspiration and intuition, and to stimulate imagination within and out.  This is the
 leaping off point of reference that brings my 'instrument' into play. 

Listen and view documentation
acceleration + position = Dream(excerpt)
in performance at the Neutral Ground Gallery February 8 2001.

in perfomance July 8 2000 at
Sound Symposium


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