The Farting Rabbit performance

materials: Radio control truck frame, laser cut wood, electronics, perfume, rabbit bones, fur and compressed air.

Commissioned for the Starry Night Exchange video documentary series by Anita Lebeau and Scott Collins, The Farting Rabbit was created in an exploration of creativity with visual artist Diana Thorneycroft. We were told to be inspired by each other but worked on our own works without seeing what each other were working on.

The Farting Rabbit is inspired by a drawing in a book published by 15th century Italian engineer Giovanni Fontana and a theory by Anthony Grafton about the same in his lecture Magic and Technology in Modern Europe. The drawing depicts a rabbit form on a 4 wheel dolly with what looks fire or fireworks coming from its ass propelling it forward. This was among several drawings of animals depicted in the book that many people have theorized were early forms of rocket propelled weapons. Mr. Grafton theorized that perhaps these were an early form of toxic gas deployment weapons. Most of Giovanni's devices were siege type weapons or tactical weapons designed to terrorize or harm whomever they were deployed against. When I saw the drawing I thought, rabbit on a skateboard! My machine is designed as a tactical device that can be used to terrorize people and deploy noxious gas(bad perfume). It is built on an RC truck platform.
I built a stylized rabbit skeleton and animated it with extra servo motors that can be controlled by the controller. The gas deployment is via a perfume vaporizer hooked up to a can of compressed air also controlled by the RC controller.

video documentation
The Farting Rabbit